With a diverse network of efficient seed growers in varying agro climatic conditions, it is possible for us to produce quality seed as per the customer requirement and thus ensuring customer satisfaction.


Home Garden

A kitchen garden is mostly used for growing simple herbs, vegetables or flowers.

Shrub Planting

Shrubs provide shade which can be helpful for lower-growing plants and can be used as backdrops to define garden beds.


Practice of growing two or more crops in the same piece of land in same growing season.

"Let's make your garden beautiful and green!"

Plant Breeding

Plant Breeding aims to improve the characteristics of plant so that they become more desirable agronomically and economically.


Mulching prevents the water evaporation in the soil. with the help of mulching it is easy to weed control because it suppresses weed

Sustainable Agriculture

Producing long-term crops and livestock while having minimal effects on the environment.

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What Our Customer's Say

Mahananda B
Kanker, Chattisgarh

S.K. Nursery’s Baidyabati Pumpkin, Cowpea Nomita are widely grown in our area.

Hiranmay Barkandaj
Navarangpur, Odisha

Being a small land holding farmer aim is to gain more profits in short time, Early Cauliflower varieties of Chandra Seeds and multiple cropping explained by Mr.Kaushik helped us.

Govind Rao
Kowtala(V), Telangana

I’m continuously buying their products from two years with no complaints.

Goutam Sen
Kolkata, West Bengal

Urban farmer prefers  growing own vegetables, contacted through Facebook for suggestions. They had sent organic manures along with seeds.